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a6 Ayla Budget Binder

a6 Ayla Budget Binder

Luna Lane Creations

Meet our a6 Ayla Budget Binder, a stylish A6 ringed organizer crafted with a chic faux leather cover in a stunning pastel blue design. Stay impeccably organized with six transparent zip sleeves that cater to personalized budgeting, ensuring your financial management is as sophisticated as your style.


Versatility at its best:

1. Wallet:

Seamlessly transform your Ayla Binder into a sleek and efficient wallet for on-the-go convenience.

2. Budget Binder:

Empower your financial planning with dedicated compartments for a methodical and personalized budgeting approach.

3. Wedding Planning Wonder: Keep wedding swatches and business cards neatly organized or create a portable vision board for seamless wedding planning wherever you go.


Bonus features:

- Receive 7 complimentary vinyl labels to effortlessly categorize and label your sleeves, and personalize the cover, enhancing the overall organizational experience.

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